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"I bought 'Oh! My Goodness - Shhh... It Happens Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray' for my mom as a joke. The salesperson at the store said her husband would die if he knew she told anyone, but if it worked on him - it would work for anyone. The joke was on me since it works really well for everyone in the house, and we all love the grapefruit scent. I've told all of my friends and even bought a few bottles as gifts! It's made our home a bit more pleasant for everyone." -Sara Fisher, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
"I worked with a website (My719Moms.com) recently and wrote an article featuring "odd" products. Though I had never purchased or tried Poo-Pourri, I thought it was hilarious, but I must admit that i was quite skeptical and thought it was just another gimmick! After receiving a few samples, my family put the spray to the test and was shocked at what a wonderful smell it had, but even more stunned at how well it worked!! The scent is refreshing and very high-end, not like an air freshener. The product is amazing and I've happily shared it with many friends and family!" -Sheila Rupp, Colorado Springs, CO
"The world would be a better place if everyone had Poo-Pourri! As a sales rep on the road all the time, I am no stranger to public restrooms. Whether it's in a doctor's office or a restaurant, I never know when I'll take the first step inside only to be hit in the face by that nasty poo smell that makes me turn around and walk right back out! I'll hold it! Thanks to Poo-Pourri, I never have to make anyone want to leave the restroom because Poo-Pourri let's me do my business discreetly when the need arises. I've convinced MANY skeptics that if they just try it once, they'll never want to be without it. It's great to have a handy on the road, and my house-guests appreciate using it in my home, too. Everybody needs a bottle, and every public restroom should be required by law to stock it ;)" -Andrea Harper, Evansvill, IN
"I have a bottle in each bathroom, and one of the cute little atomizers that I carry in my purse. I love that the atomizer is so pretty and discrete. Let me tell you, PooPourri is indispensable for cruises since those little bathrooms have no ventilation, and I take it on business trips that require me to room with a coworker. They appreciate it just as much as I do. No embarrassing episodes, so everyone can retain their dignity. What a clever idea you had! I only wish I had thought of it. " –Heather Brownlie, Jacksonville, FL
"I love this stuff. I started with Royal Flush from a friend as a birthday gift last year....boy does it work. I bought it on our cruise in April, because of confined areas I did not want the odor to linger down the halls. Poo Pourri has done the trick. I have brought Heavenly Scent for myself and Call of Doody for my husband...There is nothing like it. It does not mask the smell it illimenates it and leaves a beautiful scent behind. I now carry it with me to work. " -Carol Rachel, Summerville, SC
"I just wanted you let you know how much I love your pooppourri. My first time using it, my Son had given me a bottle of the Loo-pourri. I absolutely loved it. We first used it at home and then took it with us on numerous trips in our Motor Home. Nothing has ever covered up the stinch in a Motor Home except the poopourri. I bought several bottles for my friend as a Birthday gift. She loved them. She has ordered from you since receiving hers. We also took it with us on a cruise in April 2011. It was absolutely great in our cabin.! My favorite scents is the Loo-pourri and the Royal Flush. By the way, I absolutely love the names you have given the scents. Should you choose me for free samples, I will be most appreciative and give you my honest advice on what I think. Pooppourri is the best product ever to use in those private times and save you a lot of embarassment." -Fran Wiehrs, Summerville, SC
"I can speak first-hand on what a good product Poo-Pourri is, because I use it and also I have purchased a number of bottles to give to my friends who love it, too. You do not have to feel embarrassed about using bathrooms away from home if you spray Poo-Pourri before using. It works and I recommend to all that are not using to purchase and start using. Thanks for a wonderful product. Keep up the good work!!!!" -Angel H. Venters , Washington, NC
"I'm relatively new to the poo-pourri craze, but from day 1, I've been a huge fan! I got my first bottle at a little store in Lock Haven, PA. I love the scent of the product, but I love its effectiveness! My husband couldn't believe how well it worked. Needless to say, I've purchased a bottle for the ladies room at work, and sent one to college with my step-son. We are fans for life! Can't wait to try out more scents!" -Jamie Caputo, Jersey Shore, PA
"Absolutely love Poo Pourri! I freak out when I forget to bring it into the truckstop when I use the bathroom! If I had a tax ID I would buy a lot to bring on the truck to sell to all truckers! They need Poo Pourri like nobody knows!!! (Some need it for their bodies, but that's a whole other day.) I've given this as gifts. Actually, I bought the 1st bottle as a gag gift for my husband, then tried it & took it away from him. I now carry it in my purse. I try a little sales pitch in gift stores & c-stores across the US. I want to be able to buy it when I need it instead of waiting until I get home! God bless you for such a wonderful product!" -Tracy Speirs, Walnut Ridge, AR
"Our family LOVES your product! We carry in the car for those trips when the children have a “gas” problem and no one wants to smell it! Also, my kids have never wanted to have to do the No. 2 at school or elsewhere…how they just carry a personal size Poo-Pourri in their backpacks and Wholla!!..no problem! Keep the wonderful products coming!" -Andrea Gegen, Cheney, KS
"I had no idea there was such an amazing product out on the market! I was over at a friends house and you know when you got to go, you got to go. Of course I'm a texter so I text my friend when I disappeared for awhile to let her know where I was. She text me back and said one second I have something for you, and she slipped me the PooPourri! I was amazed! I used it and there was no lingering unwanted smell, there actually was no unwanted smell at all! Just a fresh scent of pleasant flowers! I am definitely getting all my friends and family this for Christmas! I can't wait to see their astonishment! Thanks for such an amazing product!" -Stephanie Thomas, Midland, TX
"I love Poopouri! This year for Christmas, I treated all my gf's to a bottle. I mean, what lady wants to be caught with that tell all stink when she leaves the bathroom??? It's an easy way to mask an embarrassing problem!!! Thank you so much for inventing such a thing! We have one at home, in our trailer, and I took one to work to sit on the counter." -Carol Abood, Portland, MI
"After receiving my first order, I shared it at my work. They were all amazed....you have to understand, I work on a military post with a bunch of soldiers - It's great!!" -Wendi Hansen, Killeen, TX
"Let me tell you, when a friend of mine with IBS told me that she carried this with her everywhere, I thought she was crazy. I thought NOTHING could mask the horrendous smell of a terrible bowel movement. But, as we all shared a hotel room & I realized that nature called, I was left with no choice but to FINALLY test it out. If it didn't work, I was going to hang my head in smelly shame, but alas, a couple of squirts right on the water & it smelled like I just cleaned the bowl with lemon-scented cleaner, and when I flushed, the smell grew stronger. There was NO sign of any foul smells, just clean. Thank you Poopourri. Now I want to buy some for the men in my house." -Gia C. Jacsonville, FL
"I was at a friends house when it hit me...her bathroom is very small and I knew there was noway I could use it!! I told her I had to run home and take care of a little business...she SD the 3 words that changed my life.."I have potpourri!!!" I was hooked! Got it in all bathrooms at house, at the office & in my purse!! Thank you for a great product!" -Jan Pickett, Springhill, LA
"I'm so thankful for Poopourri!! Unfortunately, I have a lot of tummy problems. This obviously makes work/social functions/etc. unpleasant sometimes. I always have to plan things around my temperamental digestive system! I picked up Poopourri at a local flower boutique. It made my life so much easier when I'd find myself out and in an uncomfortable position. I sang it's praises to so many people that it was no surprise when I went back to purchase another one, they were completely sold out. Thank you again for such a great product, that aside from the humor, makes a bad situation so much easier. Love you all!" -Vanessa Joseph, Greensburg, PA
"Poopourri is great at home and away! I have larger bottles at home, but the tester is great to carry in my purse. Having to "go" in a public restroom is so much less obvious with a Crap Shooter tester than the 'courtesy flush'!" -Gayla Bolin, Sanger, TX
"Recently my husband and I travelled through Italy. I brought along a bottle of PooPourri No. 2. It was a lifesaver, as European plumbing is not always as ‘efficient’ as what we are used to in the U.S. So, let’s just say PooPourri saved the day on many occasions….it was the best accoutrement we brought along on the trip!" -Lindy Lutz Cash, Phoenix, AZ
"This past weekend My husband and I were out of town for a family wedding. We were staying in a hotel. You know how thin those wall are. We were laughing and talking about it when a friend said you have to try this. She went to her room and got the poopourri spray. Oh my it works great. I know what all my friends will be getting for Christmas.... Not to mention all my bathrooms in my house and a travel one for my purse." -A Parker, Pass Christian, MS
"You have changed my life! I am no longer uncomfortable using a public bathroom. I feel very confident in knowing that the restroom will always smell amazing when I am done using it know matter what I did to it. I purchase PooPourri products for all of my friends and family as gifts. They have all enjoyed the product. Keep on doing what you’re doing!" -Nicole Tomlinson, Jacksonville Beach, FL
"I was given a bottle of Deja Poo for my birthday in August. With my job, I travel around to different locations throughout the city and my poopourri goes with me! It's a good feeling to know if I have to go, I have a special companion right there with me. Only a couple of squirts will do the job! Love it! Thanks so much! " -Margie Willis, Hattiesburg, MS
"I love and live for your products! I have Crohns so I am in the restrooms a lot but no worry because I always have Poo~Pourri with me. My life is a little easier with your product, thank you!!!!!" -Serena Hickes