'Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know'

Proven to stand up to the most offensive bathroom odors with a simple spritz, Poo-Pourri toilet freshener is the first bathroom spray made of all-natural essential oils to eliminate bathroom odors before they occur. Using a proprietary formula that creates a film on the toilet water surface, Poo-Pourri safely and effectively traps and diffuses embarrassing odors. Flushing releases the odor-neutralizing formula into the air, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
We offer a wide variety of Poo Pourri products. They range from several different scents of toilet freshener, Shoe Deodorizer, Potty Training Aids, Waterless Hand Cleaner, Hand Soap, Anti-Aging Lotion, and even Greeting Cards that include a 5ml bottle of Original Scent toilet freshner. Our Greeting Cards are good for any occasssion. We even have one for your Lil' Stinker's Birthday.
Our products use natural essential oils to control any type of bathroom odor, which make them safe for your septic system. Each Scent has a it's own decorative label with an unique saying and most have a charm attached. They are so neatly done that anyone would be glad to display them in their bathroom.  
Our Story: We received our first bottle of Original toilet freshener, as a Christmas gift in 2009, from a relative. She purchased it from a unique gift shop, in Atlanta, GA. At first, she hesitated; because, she thought such a gift would be offensive. She was so wrong! Poo Pourri turned out to be the best thing, since sliced bread. We used the product for several months, and searched for it locally but couldn’t find it anywhere. No one seemed to have heard of it. The product was only available via the internet. By that time, we had fallen in love with the product and we had introduced it to all of our family and friends, which in turn became the birth of StinkNPretty.com. We know you will enjoy Poo Pourri products as much as we do. Your friends @ StinkNPretty.com, Dana & Ann Parker.